Functional Benefits in Sports Nutrition

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Functional Benefits in Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is not just for high-level athletes anymore, but for a broader set of active consumers who are seeking nutrition for both physical and overall wellness. In fact, these active consumers are now adopting proactive and personalized approaches to support their health and well-being. As such, they are increasingly seeking products promoting additional benefits, including support for the microbiome and immune system as well as aspects related to metabolic health and emotional well-being. Join us for the latest functional trends and insights into what ingredients and formats tomorrow’s active consumer may be seeking most.


Mike Medina Mike Medina Category Marketing Director – Specialized Nutrition & Dairy

Tiffany Hubbard Tiffany Hubbard Product Development and Applications Health & Wellness Manager

Janice M.W. Rueda Janice M.W. Rueda Vice President, Nutrition Science Business Development

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