How today’s packaged foods enable the plant-based lifestyle?

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How today’s packaged foods enable the plant-based lifestyle?

The US plant-based foods market is growing faster than the overall food business. As consumer preferences lean toward a more plant-forward lifestyle, there is a higher demand for great tasting plant-based foods that are exciting, often indulgent, convenient, and good for you. Learn about the drivers for the consumer, for food and beverage manufacturers, and for investors - toward plants.

We will discuss how plant-based foods will help the food industry meet the nutritional needs of 9 billion people in a way that is affordable, healthy and good for the environment. We will discuss the some plant-based foods in key categories, and the technical challenges and delights working with today's plant-based ingredients like Pea protein and Soluble Corn Fiber.


Chandani PERERA Chandani PERERA Application Scientist, GBU FOOD - AMERICAS

Joel GFELLER Joel GFELLER Food Scientist and Founder
Down to Earth Consulting

Silvia SCHNICKER Silvia SCHNICKER Market Manager - Americas

Julia BOSMAN Julia BOSMAN Plant Proteins Communications Manager - Americas

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