The easy path to “dry” cleaning & sanitization

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The easy path to “dry” cleaning & sanitization

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How innovative solutions are making the low/no-moisture approach more practical

Mitigating residual moisture is an ever-present food safety and quality goal in any food processing environment. Yet there’s a Catch-22: Most conventional cleaning & sanitization protocols involve large amounts of water, leaving residual moisture that feeds—rather than fights—food safety and quality risks. These risks compound in aging and retrofitted facilities that have more difficult-to-clean spaces and harborage areas.
This webinar will demonstrate why every food production operation should be making the shift toward “dry” or low-moisture cleaning and sanitization protocols that enable them to meet the highest food safety and quality standards, while significantly reducing residual moisture and related risk.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

• Why adoption of dry cleaning & sanitization is rapidly increasing in the food processing world

• How breakthrough innovations simplify and accelerate dry cleaning & sanitizing protocols

• Where dry cleaning & sanitization can drive value beyond food safety & quality

• How leading food processors are leveraging digital tools to streamline validation of new protocols

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John Hanlin John Hanlin Vice-President Food Safety Research, Development and Engineering

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