ADM/Matsutani LLC

ADM/Matsutani LLC

The joint venture between Archer Daniels Midland Company, Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., and Matsutani America, Inc, supports worldwide sales and marketing of Fibersol®​, a full line of soluble dietary fiber food ingredients that can be used in a variety of food and beverage applications as well as dietary supplements. Products include: Fibersol®​-2, Fibersol®​-2 AG, Fibersol®​-LQ, Fibersol®​-HS.

Fibersol®​’s line of fiber ingredients allows manufacturers to develop food and beverage products for health-conscious consumers that gives them all the dietary fiber they need without sacrificing the taste, aroma and texture they want.

The many functional benefits of Fibersol, such as reducing calories and sugar as well as providing an important impact on satiety, can make it ideal for weight management products. Fibersol contains concentrated soluble dietary fiber, which can help consumers feel fuller longer.  It can replace higher calorie and sugar ingredients like nutritive sweeteners, improving the overall nutritional profile. The soluble fiber in Fibersol can also help attenuate the spike in blood glucose after a meal, contributing to satiety.

Fibersol can easily be added to existing formulations with minimal adjustments, making Fibersol®​ ideal for line extensions. There is virtually no application that Fibersol® ​ingredients can’t fit into, and our high-quality fiber ingredients stay consistent no matter what the form (agglomerated, liquid, etc.).

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