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Alland & Robert

Founded in 1884, Alland & Robert is the second largest supplier worldwide of gum acacia. Located in France, with two facilities, a dedicated lab and headquarter in Paris, Alland & Robert is the expert of gum acacia.

This hydrocolloid, 100 % natural, embodies today’s market trends: multifunctional, sustainable and natural.

We offer both senegal and seyal grades useful for many applications:

  • Confectionery: regular and sugar free coating, gum drops
  • Flavors: emulsions, encapsulation, bulking agent
  • Beverage: emulsions, stabilizations
  • Wine: stabilization of coloring matters, mouth feel improvement
  • Dairy products: fiber claim
  • Dietary products: soluble fiber, health benefit
  • Snacking: natural glue
  • Bakery: extruded products
  • Pharmaceutical products: coating, tableting
  • Cosmetics: thickening agent
  • Technical: carbonless paper, agglomerating agents

Furthermore, Alland & Robert is the leader of gum karaya, mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry: laxative.

As an expert in gum acacia and gum karaya, Alland & Robert offers extensive products and services:

  • Safe and sustainable supplying – traceability of raw material
  • High production and storage capacity – security and stability
  • Dedicated lab and R&D team – experts in gum acacia
  • Strong worldwide distributor network – flexibility and proximity

Farbest is the exclusive distributor of Alland & Robert in US. Please contact them for any information needed:​ , phone number: (800) 897 6096.

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