Amano Enzyme Inc.

Amano Enzyme Inc.

Advancing Enzyme Technology for Over a Century:

Founded in 1899 in Japan as a pharmaceutical business, Amano Enzyme has been a company in deep harmony with nature, and fully rooted in Japanese culture and traditional values. In 1948, this business expanded to use the process from koji fermentation (traditionally used to create soy sauce, miso, and sake) to produce enzymes, starting with Malt Diastase. Today, Amano offers a variety of specialty enzymes not only for food, but biomedical and industrial applications, as well


Food Enhancements

Our food enzymes are used in all aspects of foods, from dairy products, seasonings, alcoholic beverages to bread products. We are especially attentive and a go-to source for any custom and specialty enzyme application needed. So when you need a clean label, a new flavor, a formulation issue and more, we can service your needs in a timely manner.


Dietary Supplements

Supplemental enzymes can make it easier for us to obtain the nutrients we’re eating food for in the first place. There are many ways in which enzymes can improve consumer health—from average consumers, to serious athletes, to consumers with unique health issues. Our skilled staff can handle a variety of applications and formulations in the dietary supplement industry.