EXBERRY®​ is a leading global brand of plant-based, sustainable colors for food and drink. EXBERRY®​ Coloring Foods are created from edible fruit, vegetables, and plants using physical methods such as chopping and boiling. The brand provides the widest range on the market, comprising more than 400 shades from across the whole spectrum. EXBERRY®​ is suitable for almost any application, including confectionery, dairy, bakery, soft and alcoholic beverages, cereals, snacks, sauces, savory, and plant-based meat, seafood, and dairy. The concentrates are valued worldwide for their vibrancy, versatility, stability, ease of use, and the complete vertical integration of the supply chain.


About GNT Group

Founded in 1978, GNT is a family-owned company pioneering in the creation of plant-based, sustainable ingredients. It is headquartered in Mierlo, The Netherlands, with additional offices in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East. GNT’s family ownership provides stability and long-term commitment, enabling it to make strategic decisions to futureproof supplies. These include ambitious sustainability commitments and investments in a vertical supply chain and long-term stockholding.


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