Grain Processing Corporation


Grain Processing Corporation (GPC)​ is continually expanding the depth and breadth of application expertise for which its line of specialty food ingredients are used. These ingredients continue to meet changing industry trends and customer requirements.

With an unmatched product line, GPC MALTRIN®​ maltodextrins and corn syrup solids are the gold standard for the industry. MALTRIN QD®​ (quick-dispersing) versions are also available.

GPC food starches range from basic unmodified starches to very specialized starches with enhanced functionality. Products include INSCOSITY®​ cold water swelling starches, PURE-COTE®​ binding/coating starches, PURE-GEL®​ stabilized starches, PURE-SET®​ thin-boiling starches and PURE-DENT®​ specialty starches. , GPC offers the correct starch solution for the specific function desired in a myriad of applications.

TruBran®​ corn bran is a golden brown fiber source made from 100% yellow dent corn with a typical analysis of 85% total dietary fiber. Because TruBran® corn bran is minimally processed, it’s a natural fit for a clean label claim. The intended use of TruBran®​ fibers to increase the fiber in snacks, cereals, baked goods, nutritional bars, beverages, supplements and other fiber-fortified foods is GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).

Improve functionality, process efficiency and end-product quality with GPC ingredients. Recognized around the world for its extensive applications expertise in the food industry and a comprehensive formulation library, GPC's Technical Sales and Technical Services Teams are ready to address your product development challenges, providing exceptional products and unparalleled service.