Hi-Food USA Inc

Hi-Food USA Inc

Through an extensive portfolio of added valued food ingredients, Hi-Food USA brings innovation, better nutrition and improved sustainability to the American food industry.

HIFOOD solutions – all of natural origin – have been designed specifically to address the most pressing needs and requests of today’s consumers: better-for-you foods, longer shelf-life, alt-meat and alt-fish, gluten-free, allergen-free, additive-free.

HIFOOD formulations comprise:

  • bulking agents for sugar reduction;
  • systems for salt and egg reduction;
  • vegetable fibers and proteins;
  • value added fats and oils;
  • natural shelf-life extenders;
  • gluten-free systems;
  • plant-based ingredients
  • ... and so much more!

Hi-Food USA is the North American branch of HIFOOD, company founded in 2012 in Parma – at the heart of the Italian Food Valley where several Italian food excellences were born – and today part of Europe-based CSM Ingredients. HIFOOD combines cutting-edge innovation with a profound knowledge of industrial processes and production requirements: it is therefore the ideal partner for businesses looking to advance their product offering in an effective, sustainable and profitable manner.

Together with CSM Ingredients, Italcanditi, Comprital and Rubicone, HIFOOD is part of an Ingredient-Tech Platform which aims to enable Taste and Nutrition for a New World.

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