Lascom is a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software publisher addressing the needs of the CPG market for nearly 20 years. We help food & beverage manufacturers and retailers to improve competitiveness through optimized innovation processes.

Our numerous food & beverages key account clients enabled us to translate, as accurately as possible, both strategic and operational issues into intuitive and consistent software features.

Our solution consolidates all product information, automates non value-added tasks, pushes collaboration forward, sharpens decision-making, ensures regulatory compliance. . . Overall, it unites all teams involved in new product development around a unique and collaborative tool, thus benefiting the whole product design chain.

2019 definitively is a milestone for us. We have released our new ergonomic technological platform Lascom Lime. We also have launched two innovative and pre-packaged bundles: “Essential” and “Corporate”. With deeply thought functional scopes, they bring concrete solutions to food manufacturers whatever their needs are.

At Lascom, we know each business is unique, whether it is in its hierarchical organization, its communication processes, its quality standards or regulatory requirements, for examples. Lascom takes pride in providing a flexible and scalable solution able to answer this diversity of challenges.

We are ready to support your innovation revolution!

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