Tree Top, Inc.

Tree Top, Inc.

Tree Top, Inc. – Every fruit under the sun

Tree Top has one of the most comprehensive portfolios of fruit offerings available in the market today. In fact, we offer more fruit in more forms than any other supplier on earth. 

Our customers rely on Tree Top’s superior technology, food safety programs, personalized service and years of experience to deliver reliable, safe and wholesome fruit ingredients.

Tree Top’s products include:

  • Fruit Purées, Single Strength and Concentrated
  • Ice Cream, Yogurt and Other Dairy Preps
  • Beverage Bases
  • Formulated Fruit
  • Drum Dried Fruit Flakes
  • Fresh Chilled/Frozen Fruit
  • Fruit Juice Concentrates
  • Specialty Juice Concentrates
  • Juice Concentrate WONF’s and WOOF’s®
  • Fruit Essences
  • Fruit and Grain Clusters
  • Fruit Sensations® Muesli Crisps
  • Dried Apples, Low Moisture and Evaporated Apples
  • Dried Fruit Powders
  • Infused Fruit
  • Fruit Sensations®
  • Bulk Apple Sauce

Our product development team stands ready to be at the forefront of your success, having spent decades perfecting thousands of applications that deliver on our promise to you — providing more fruits​, in more forms​ and giving you more possibilities​.