Added Sugars

American Diabetes Association: 'While it is true that naturally occurring sugars and added sugars have the same physiological impact, the difference is significant when considering dietary quality'

Sugar is sugar, say bakers, our bodies don't distinguish between 'naturally occurring' and 'added' varieties

Should ‘added sugars' be listed on the Nutrition Facts panel?

By Elaine Watson

A row is brewing over the merits of including ‘added sugars’ on the Nutrition Facts panel, with critics arguing that our bodies don’t distinguish between ‘naturally occurring’ and ‘added’ sugar - and neither should food labels - and supporters saying...

Bakers oppose FDA research into labeling of added sugars

Bakers oppose FDA research into labeling of added sugars

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The American Bakers Association has submitted comments to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) opposing a research proposal to examine how consumers might perceive labeling of added sugars on nutrition labels.


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