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Partake's brews come in at between 10 and 30 calories per can. Pic: Partake

My Drynuary: ‘Our customers are our main source of inspiration'

By Rachel Arthur

Canadian non-alcoholic beer Partake Brewing was launched in 2017: and now sells its brews across Canada and the US. Evan Cohen, President and Chief Commercial Officer, looks at the two markets in this series on innovators in the low/no alcohol industry....

Brew Dr Kombucha: Revenues on course to reach $11million in 2016, says founder Matt Thomas

Kombucha and fermented beverages category grew 32% in year to October 2, says SPINS

Brew Dr Kombucha poised for growth as fermented trend gains momentum

By Elaine Watson

According to SPINS data*, retail sales of refrigerated kombucha and fermented beverages** surged 32% to $375.4m (natural, specialty, conventional multi-outlet) in the year to October 2, but with household penetration still very low, there is still significant...

Bucha wants to bridge sweet fizzy beverage drinkers to kombucha

Bucha wants to bridge sweet fizzy beverage drinkers to kombucha

By Adi Menayang

Washington-based American Brewing Company started with beer and expanded its product line to include kombucha. Its brand, Bucha, has been credited as one of the fastest growing breakout brands in a report by The Hartman Group.

Booze is packed with calories, and labeling them on pack would help consumers keep track of how much they are consuming, say consumer groups

Should booze come with a Nutrition Facts panel?

By Elaine WATSON

We all know that too much alcohol can make you drunk, but it can also make you fat, say consumer groups who argue that bottles of beer, wine and spirits should come with a Nutrition Facts panel that clearly states how many calories they contain per serving.

Diageo tells FTC: ‘Help us cross US alcohol facts finish line’

Diageo tells FTC: ‘Help us cross US alcohol facts finish line’


Diageo tells it welcomes a US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recommendation that high-alcohol malt beverage brand Four Loko carry 'serving fact' information on some cans, but urges regulators to allow the wider alcoholic drinks...

Somersby Cider in its UK incarnation, launched in mid July

Carlsberg slakes US cider thirst with Somersby first

By Ben Bouckley

Crown Imports will launch Carlsberg’s Somersby Hard Apple Cider into test markets across the US, as major players scramble to plug the gap left by a slump in mainstream beer sales.

Beer: A popular choice among Hispanics

US Hispanics prefer beer over wine: Mintel

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

US Hispanics’ beverage consumption is the latest aspect of this influential group’s spending habits to enter the spotlight, in a new report from market research organization Mintel.

Coca-Cola denies Monster takeover rumors

Coca-Cola denies Monster takeover rumors

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The Coca-Cola Company has denied rumors that it is in talks to acquire Monster Beverage Company, after media reports sent shares in the energy drinks giant soaring on Monday.

How much booze is in your beer?

CFA calls for “Alcohol Facts” labeling

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The Consumer Federation of America (CFA) has renewed a call for nutrition facts labeling on alcoholic beverages, which it says was agreed by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) in 2007.


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