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96% of the globe may have insufficient access by 2100

Could climate change cause DHA omega-3 from oceans to plummet?

By Stephen Daniells

Warming oceans may deliver a crushing blow to the production of DHA omega-3 by algae, which would ripple up the food chain and slash the global availability of this critical nutrient by 2100, says a scientific paper. But could rapid advances in plant...

WATCH: ‘We want Spira to be the Willy Wonka of algae…’

WATCH: ‘We want Spira to be the Willy Wonka of algae…’

By Elaine Watson

One of 15 startups pitching at Rabobank’s FoodBytes! competition in Chicago last month, Spira is using CRISPR gene editing techniques to create more stable natural blue pigments from spirulina, and exploring the potential of spirulina protein isolate.

Heliae uses a hybrid system combing fermentation and photosynthetic approaches.

Hybrid algae producer Heliae quietly approaches full scale production

By Hank Schultz

Early stage algae company Heliae has taken a quiet approach to business development.  While the Arizona-based company is close to coming to market with a range of nutraceutical ingredients, not much has been said about them in the marketplace or the press,...

BioProcess Algae's USP is a high surface area, biofilm-based approach to enhance light penetration, productivity, harvest density and gas transfer – all traditional bottlenecks to low-cost algae cultivation - claims CEO Tim Burns.

Special edition: Omega-3

Finding the sweet spot in the algal omega-3 market

By Elaine WATSON

Most experts say we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to exploring the commercial potential of microalgae. But who is best-placed to translate this promise into hard cash in the food and dietary supplement market?


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