IN PICTURES: New directions for almonds

IN PICTURES: New directions for almonds

By Elaine Watson

California almonds now star in every category of the store, from plant-based dairy and nut butters to protein shakes and gourmet salad oils. So where are the new growth opportunities, and how is the industry dealing with questions about sustainability...

Picture: Almond Board of California

SPECIAL REPORT: Bee friendly? Pollinating California's almond crop

By Elaine Watson

Readers of The Guardian’s recent report on pollinating California’s almond crop (‘Like sending bees to war: the deadly truth behind your almond milk obsession’) were left with a clear message: honey bees are dying en masse, and almond growers luring them...

Starting September 6, almondmilk will be available in 4,600+ Starbucks stores as a non-dairy alternative, in addition to soymilk and coconutmilk

Beyond snacks: 'Plant-based' trend takes almonds in new directions

By Elaine Watson

While they are pretty small fry right now in volume terms, emerging application areas for almonds from cultured nut artisanal yogurts, cheeses and desserts, and center-plate savory products to nut-butter-filled bars and ‘Paleo’ pancake mixes, could be...

What’s for breakfast? Almonds, says Blue Diamond...

60-second interview: Jeff Smith, Director of Marketing, Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredients Division

What’s for breakfast? Nuts! (And preferably almonds, says Blue Diamond.)

For many Americans, breakfast has switched from being one of three square meals a day to just another snacking occasion – or something to skip altogether.  But this brings opportunities as well as challenges, says Blue Diamond’s Jeff Smith, who we caught...

Almonds are a ‘snack choice for a healthy diet’

Almonds are a ‘snack choice for a healthy diet’


A mid-morning snack of almonds may decrease food intake at lunch and dinner, making the nuts a ‘snack food choice for a healthy diet’, according to a new study from England.


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