Animal Rights

Fair Oaks Farms is one of 30 farms that provide milk to fairlife.

Fairlife and Coca-Cola deal with Fair Oaks abuse fallout

By Beth Newhart

Last week, an undercover video surfaced showing severe calf abuse at Fair Oaks Farms. The Indiana-based farm supplies milk to ultrafiltered milk brand fairlife, which is a Coca-Cola Company partner. Several retailers have pulled the products from shelves...

McDonald's: 'We're working with Tyson Foods to investigate the situation'

McDonald's faces criticism after animal welfare video

By Chloe Ryan

Tyson Foods has shunned a Tennessee farm producing chicken for McDonald’s McNuggets after an animal rights group posted gruesome footage online depicting birds being clubbed and stabbed with a spiked pole.

The animal rights group claims up to seven million birds could be suffering

PETA files poultry lawsuit in California

By Georgi Gyton

Animal rights campaigner PETA has filed a lawsuit against the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) with the Los Angeles Superior Court, in response to reports that allege one-third of chickens are being inadequately electrocuted.


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