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Delay in organic animal welfare standards recalls rule’s long journey

By Elizabeth Crawford

The hard-fought and long-awaited Organic Livestock and Poultry Standards final rule has been delayed, yet again, and while the change is “minor” and due to a technicality, it recalls the many other delays and near-deaths the rule has endured since work...

Meat giant Tyson Foods wants to be a more sustainable food business

Tyson Foods introduces animal welfare measures

By Oscar Rousseau

Tyson Foods, one of the US’s largest poultry processors, will add on-farm video cameras and pilot humane slaughter methods in a major effort to improve welfare for the 35 million chickens it processes a week.

McDonald's: 'We're working with Tyson Foods to investigate the situation'

McDonald's faces criticism after animal welfare video

By Chloe Ryan

Tyson Foods has shunned a Tennessee farm producing chicken for McDonald’s McNuggets after an animal rights group posted gruesome footage online depicting birds being clubbed and stabbed with a spiked pole.

Walmart challenges suppliers over animal welfare, antibiotic use

Walmart challenges suppliers over animal welfare and antibiotic use

By Elaine Watson

Walmart is asking meat and poultry suppliers to stop using antibiotics and antimicrobials for non-therapeutic purposes (eg. to promote growth and boost feed efficiency rather than exclusively for treating sick animals) amid concerns the practice may be...

US welfare groups join forces against ‘ag-gag’ bills

US welfare groups join forces against ‘ag-gag’ bills

By Carina Perkins

A coalition of US animal rights groups have urged politicians to dismiss a so-called "ag-gag bill", which would make it impossible to carry out undercover investigations on farms in the state of New Hampshire.

Iowa undercover video ban sparks criticism

Iowa undercover video ban sparks criticism

By Melodie Michel

The passage of a law, making undercover filming on farms illegal in the US state of Iowa, has raised controversy among animal welfare organisations.


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