Avian Influenza

Flat rate payment changes will benefit taxpayers, claim US government

US flat rates on AI elimination proposed

By Aaron McDonald

US authorities have introduced new avian influenza (AI) rules, proposing flat rate payments to eliminate notifiable outbreaks of the virus at floor-raised meat poultry facilities.

The spread of bird flu represents a financial risk to poultry processors

Bird flu reaches fourth US state

By Oscar Rousseau

The US state of Georgia reported its first-ever outbreak of bird flu this week, bringing the total number of US states affected by the disease this month to four.

Ontario, Canada, has been hit with bird flu before when the H5N2 strain struck in April 2015

Avian influenza control zone set up in Ontario

By Aidan Fortune

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has established an Avian Influenza Control Zone in Ontario to control the movement of animals, products and equipment to minimise spread of the disease.

Up to 250,000 birds, including 60,000 turkeys, will be killed to stop the spread of bird flu

Bird flu returns to the US

By Oscar Rousseau

The US government has reacted quickly to protect the poultry sector from a potentially devastating bird flu outbreak to avoid a repeat of 2015’s crisis. 

The US has dealt with its worst outbreak of bird flu this year

Bird flu prompts farmers to consider rendering options

By Rod Addy

US poultry farmers are considering rendering birds for fertiliser and other inedible products if another outbreak of avian influenza (AI) forces them to take thousands of animals out of the food chain.

Post Holdings’ acquisitions pay off faster than expected

Post Holdings’ acquisitions pay off faster than expected

By Elizabeth Crawford

Recent acquisitions to diversify Post Holdings’ portfolio are paying off more quickly than anticipated, prompting the cereal giant to raise its full year guidance despite a larger than expected negative impact from a supplier that tested positive for...

The quarantine zone will restrict the movement of eggs, poultry and poultry products

Bird flu buffer zone established in US

By Georgi Gyton

Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) has adopted an emergency rule to established a 20-mile restriction zone around two locations where bird flu has been discovered.

A total of four farms in Fraser Valley are now under quarantine

Bird flu detected at Canadian poultry farms

By Georgi Gyton

An H5 strain of avian influenza has been discovered on two farms in Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada, with two additional farms also quarantined.

FAO demands poultry tests

FAO demands poultry tests

Asian countries that declare victory over avian influenza should
base such statements on in-depth investigations, FAO and the World
Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) urged in a joint statement
today. There have been fears that...


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