Partake's brews come in at between 10 and 30 calories per can. Pic: Partake

My Drynuary: ‘Our customers are our main source of inspiration'

By Rachel Arthur

Canadian non-alcoholic beer Partake Brewing was launched in 2017: and now sells its brews across Canada and the US. Evan Cohen, President and Chief Commercial Officer, looks at the two markets in this series on innovators in the low/no alcohol industry....

Flavor hops inspire world beer revolution: Barth-Haas group

Flavor hops inspire world beer revolution: Barth-Haas group


The world's largest hops company, Barth-Haas group, tells why so-called 'flavor' hops are ushering in a revolution in beer flavors, starting with the craft beer phenomenon in the US but now spreading across Europe and...

Somersby Cider in its UK incarnation, launched in mid July

Carlsberg slakes US cider thirst with Somersby first

By Ben Bouckley

Crown Imports will launch Carlsberg’s Somersby Hard Apple Cider into test markets across the US, as major players scramble to plug the gap left by a slump in mainstream beer sales.


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