Lebby Snacks introduces a softer, sweeter chickpea snack to US market

Lebby Snacks introduces a softer, sweeter chickpea snack to US market

By Elizabeth Crawford

Competition in the roasted chickpea snack segment is heating up as more players enter the field, including newcomer Lebby Snacks, which stands apart from the others by offering a soft and chewy – but still roasted – version of the legume rather than the...

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Hummustir navigates potentail of DIY food trend

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Hummustir navigates market potential of DIY food trend

By Elizabeth Crawford

As recently as 15 years ago, most Americans had never heard of hummus, or even its base ingredients of chickpeas and tahini. But now the dip is a staple in many US homes and makes common appearances in lunchboxes, at picnics and on many restaurant menus. 

Hope Foods on HPP, chocolate hummus, & triple digit growth

Hope Foods on HPP, chocolate hummus, and triple digit growth

By Elaine Watson

High-pressure-processing (HPP) – which is fast-becoming de rigueur in the super-premium juice category – has also played a key role in the growth of one of the coolest players in the hummus market: Hope Foods, which burst onto the scene in 2011 with its...

New blight-resistant chickpea

New blight-resistant chickpea

A new chickpea variety called Sierra has been released by
Agricultural Research Service scientists and their co-operators in
the US. Sierra's high yield and disease resistance to Ascochyta
blight are expected to appeal to the...


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