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The new ice cream range consists of seven flavors. Pic: fairlife

fairlife moves into ice cream

By Jim Cornall

US dairy firm fairlife, LLC, which launched ultra-filtered milk in 2015, has partnered with Boardwalk Frozen Treats, LLC, to enter the ice cream category. It is the Coca-Cola Company owned firm's first venture away from beverage-related products...

Fair Oaks Farms is one of 30 farms that provide milk to fairlife.

Fairlife and Coca-Cola deal with Fair Oaks abuse fallout

By Beth Newhart

Last week, an undercover video surfaced showing severe calf abuse at Fair Oaks Farms. The Indiana-based farm supplies milk to ultrafiltered milk brand fairlife, which is a Coca-Cola Company partner. Several retailers have pulled the products from shelves...

The new Diet Coke cans

Diet Coke returns to growth in North America

By Rachel Arthur

Coca-Cola says its recent re-brand for Diet Coke has helped return the brand to volume growth in North America: while it is upbeat about trademark Coca-Cola as a whole with growth for classic Coca-Cola and the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

Coke stresses US health ‘mission’ after AND draws advocacy fire

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Draws Advocacy Fire

Coke stresses US health ‘mission’ after AND draws advocacy fire


The Coca-Cola Company tells it is fully committed to improving US health by partnering groups such as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), after an advocacy report claimed undue big beverage influence on the body.

A Fistful of Dollars more: Coke pumps $3bn into India

A Fistful of Dollars more: Coke pumps $3bn into India

By Ben Bouckley

Coca-Cola India announced today that it plans to invest a further $3bn dollars in India through to 2020 to capture 'enormous growth potential' in the non-alcoholic ready-to-drink (NARTD) market).


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