Cranberry price fluctuates at 8th Ocean Spray auction

By Shane Starling

Ocean Spray saw price fluctuations compared to May auction levels as the cranberry leader sold 148,750 gallons of concentrate at its eighth auction since switching to the sales system in 2009.

Ocean Spray will kick off its next concentrate auction with prices between $16.58 and $17.85 per gallon

Ocean Spray adopts dairy model for cranberry auctions

By Shane Starling

Ocean Spray will change its auction policies to add certainty to opening prices the cranberry leader said after closing its latest cranberry concentrate auction that saw prices rise 17 percent over three selling periods.

Powerhouse berries

Powerhouse berries

New evidence to support the health benefits of cranberries comes
from the US this week as researchers suggest cranberries may reduce
brain cell damage associated with stroke.

Ocean Spray downgraded

Ocean Spray downgraded

Continuing uncertainty and senior management turmoil at cranberry
supplier Ocean Spray has led Moody's to downgrade the firm's
short-term and preferred stock ratings, with further downgrade
possible in the near future.


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