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This World Water Day, CCEP's water lead Francesca O’Hanlon reflects on the company's progress and why action on water is a business imperative for all. Credit: CCEP + Getty/Jonathan Knowles

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Liquid assets: The need for business action on water

By Francesca O’Hanlon

The diamond-water paradox was a puzzle to the man that coined the term, economist Adam Smith. Although water is, unarguably, more valuable to humans, why do diamonds command a higher price?

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Eight crops endangered by climate change

By Oliver Morrison

From staple crops like potatoes and maize, to cash crops for wealthier customers like cocoa and coffee, climate change is having a widespread impact on global agricultural production.

Peanuts are ticking a lot of consumer boxes. Pic: GettyImages

Why US peanut consumption has hit record highs

By Gill Hyslop

Peanut consumption in the US has hit record levels for the second year in a row – rising to an all-time high of 7.9 pounds (3.5kg) per American in 2021. However, the National Peanut Board (NPB) said the consistent rise of the nut’s popularity is not surprising,...

Let’s stop calling it a drought: Fostering water stewardship

Let’s stop calling it a drought: Fostering water stewardship

By Maggie Hennessy

California’s prolonged drought is raising some bigger global questions about how the food and agricultural industries—the biggest users of non-replenishable water—should approach their use of a resource that was once considered almost limitless. 

Smithfield sale raises concerns

Smithfield sale raises concerns over US food security

By Carina Perkins

Members of the US Senate Agriculture Committee have called on the government to include food supply and safety experts in the review of the sale of pork processor Smithfield to Chinese company Shuanghui.

IFT and FAO agree to form food safety partnership

IFT and FAO agree to form food safety partnership

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have agreed to form a food safety partnership, with the aim of cooperating toward achieving a safe, sufficient, and accessible food supply, according...

Sustainable food messages risk confusing consumers

Sustainable food messages risk confusing consumers

Food firms are increasingly discussing the sustainability of their activities, but they must communicate with consumers using practical messages rather than euphemisms and jargon, says brand expert.

Fat chance for action on World Food Day

Special comment

Fat chance for action on World Food Day

‘Hunger down 50 per cent this year’, ‘Malnutrition eradicated in Africa’. Alas, dream headlines not gracing any newspapers this World Food Day. But if we hope to read them one day, governments, industry – and yes, individuals – need to stop thinking of...

A menu for American food policy

A menu for American food policy

At the time of writing, the US is poised to go to the polls. The next two days are going to be hugely exciting. And when it’s all over, after the victor gets some well-earned rest… he’ll rub his sleepy eyes and ask: ‘What’s for breakfast?'.

GM: Breaking the stalemate

Weekly comment

GM: Breaking the stalemate

Food industry voices are joining those of politicians in the GM debate, hailing the controversial technology as the answer to the food supply crisis. But the hearts and minds of consumers must still be won.


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