Generation Y

IRI insights on Gen Z shopping suggest marketers need a new approach

IRI insights on Gen Z shopping suggest marketers need a new approach

By Elizabeth Crawford

Unlike cost-conscious generations that came before, Generation Z cares more about convenience than price – a dramatic reversal that will change not only how brands and retailers catch their attention but also where and how they shop, according to new...

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What Millennials want: From customization to continuous snacking

By Elaine Watson

Whether it’s choosing a car, or deciding what to wear, Millennials display a “pronounced proclivity for bold and confident individualism,” according to Packaged Facts. But how does this impact their food choices, and how can manufacturers, retailers and...

Inside a No Frills store in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Photo: Raysonho/Wikimedia Commons

New study reveals Canadian attitude towards free-from products

By Adi Menayang

There’s a widening sense of distrust from Canadian consumers against food manufacturers, especially when it comes to free-from claims on packaging. A Mintel study conducted in September found that a whopping 65% of Canadians see the free-from label as...

Packaged Facts kids food and beverage

Navigating the $23bn children’s food & beverage market

By Maggie Hennessy

It’s no secret that children are an important target group for food and beverage manufacturers, as this $23bn segment accounts for roughly 4% of the overall US food and beverage market (worth $639bn), according to Packaged Facts. 

Millenials' presence on social media make them a very influential group, says Mattison

Catering to different generations

Capturing the sweet tooth of the Millennials

By Oliver Nieburg

Candy makers must connect on social media and allow criticism to appeal to the influential Millennials generation aged 13-31.

Millennials are nearly three times as likely to be influenced by smartphone apps when choosing brands

Millennials: Cautious, volatile – and online

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Millennials may be the hot new target demographic for food and beverage manufacturers in the United States, but they are a cautious and volatile group of shoppers, according to a new report from market research organization SymphonyIRI.


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