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Food safety recall round-up

Food safety recall round-up 21-27 April 2017

Recalls: Arsenic, aflatoxin and allergens

By Joseph James Whitworth

Food alerts have been made by USA, England, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Slovakia, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland.

Pork exports reach highest peak since October 2012

Beef and pork exports perform well for US

By Georgi Gyton

Double-digit increases in exports to Mexico, China and South Korea helped push up export figures for US pork and beef in March. However, exports of lamb dropped 41% in volume, to 740 metric tons (mt).

US sees new record for beef exports

US sees new record for beef exports

By Nicholas Robinson

US beef exports have once again bucked records, with volumes in October increasing by nearly 6%, reaching 107,471 metric tonnes (mt).

US beef exports up, but pork down

US beef exports up, but pork hit by Russia and Japan

By Carina Perkins

US beef exports continued to climb in September, but pork exports have been hit by Russian restrictions and a downturn in the Japanese market, according to the latest statistics from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).


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