Health Canada proposes ban on partially hydrogenated oils

Health Canada proposes ban on partially hydrogenated oils

By Elaine Watson

Health Canada has unveiled proposals to prohibit the use of partially hydrogenated oils  - a key source of harmful trans fats in foods - by summer 2018 (aligning with the US deadline) by adding them to the List of Contaminants and Other Adulterating Substances...

ABA policy chief: 'There are over 63 issues our industry is monitoring and we’ve really had to prioritize'

Trans fat ban / Nutrition Facts Panel overhaul / FSMA implementation

Big baking: Policy change has never been this busy, says ABA

By Kacey Culliney

Bakers must be prioritize and collaborate in the face of policy upheaval on nutrition, ingredients and food safety this year, warns the American Bakers Association (ABA).

If trans fat regulation happened a decade ago, it would have been a 'game-changer', says Datamonitor's innovation insights director

Trans fat crackdown: ‘The ship has already sailed’

By Kacey Culliney

Trans fats have been discussed for nearly two decades rendering the FDA’s extended comment period trivial in the grand scheme of things, says the innovation insights director at Datamonitor Consumer.


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