Junk Food

Andy Bellatti: “We are way overdue, in this country in particular, to have a conversation on the relentless marketing and advertising the food industry employs.”

The RD's perspective

Mexico restricts junk food ads; time for rethink on advertising?

By Maggie Hennessy

Mexico announced last week that it was restricting television advertising on high-calorie food and soda in an effort to stem the rising tide of obesity. Registered dietitians weigh in on the impact of the measure, which is the farthest any country has...

Junk TV?

Industry slams call for kids’ junk food ad ban

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Industry bodies have slammed a call from an influential group of doctors to ban junk food advertising in children’s programming, claiming that it is based on outdated research.

Junk Food Babes

Weekly Comment

Junk Food Babes

If education is meant to deliver knowledge and wise choices, why
are we doing so little to educate our children about food?


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