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Picture credit: UPSIDE Foods

‘‘The true test of this industry is not whether it can supply a single restaurant, but whether it can supply the planet’

UPSIDE Foods teams up with Michelin-starred chef for cell cultured meat launch: ‘We have dramatically reduced our production and input costs…’

By Elaine Watson

Cell-cultured meat pioneer UPSIDE Foods has teamed up with Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn to provide culinary counsel and recipe development as it prepares to launch its first consumer product – UPSIDE chicken – later this year, pending regulatory...

Picture: Mosameat

'It makes no sense to mandate that an agency create new food regulations in a spending bill'

GFI ‘surprised and dismayed’ as ag appropriations bill tasks USDA with issuing new regulations for clean meat

By Elaine Watson

The Good Food Institute (GFI) - a non-profit representing players in the burgeoning plant-based and cell-cultured (aka ‘clean’) meat arena – says it’s baffled by language in a draft spending bill that tasks the USDA with issuing new regulations covering...

CEO Dr Uma Valeti (center) and CSO Nicholas Genovese (right) test Memphis Meats' latest innovations

'We can produce up to 10,000 cows’ worth of meat with a single biopsy'

Memphis Meats: ‘What’s common in Silicon Valley is that you move fast and break things, but that's an awful way to approach making food’

By Elaine Watson

Excitement is building as cultured meat approaches commercialization, but “science does not occur in a cultural vacuum” and bringing consumers and regulators with you on the journey is more important than being first to market, says clean meat start-up...

Memphis Meats has received significant investment from Cargill

Cargill invests in lab-grown meat outfit

By Oscar Rousseau

Meat giant Cargill has joined business tycoons Bill Gates and Richard Branson by investing millions of dollars in lab-grown meat start-up Memphis Meats. 

Memphis Meats hopes to raise awareness of its new meat products

Memphis Meats launches crowdfunding campaign

By Aidan Fortune

‘Clean meat’ producer Memphis Meats has launched a community-building campaign to help extend awareness about its mission to “build a better meat”.

Memphis Meats has made progress in creating laboratory-made burgers

Lab-grown meat challenges ‘status quo’

By Oscar Rousseau

American start-up Memphis Meats has said it is less than five years away from being able to manufacture enough laboratory-made burgers and meatballs to stock the shelves of US grocery stores. 


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