Monk Fruit

MonkFiber doubles as a sweetener and dietary fiber, says Ingredients by Nature

Monk fruit... a new source of dietary fiber that doubles as a sweetener?

By Elaine Watson

Monk fruit (Luo Han Guo) is best known as a source of high intensity natural sweeteners, but it could also emerge as an intriguing new source of fiber, claims Ingredients by Nature, which has developed a ‘sweet fiber’ from the pomace of monk fruit called...

Moringa and emerging Ayurvedic ingredients could soon have similar consumer acceptance as stevia and monk fruit, Nielsen projects.  ©GettyImages/Hero Images

Nielsen: ‘Purposeful ingredients’ drive US retail growth

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Consumer attention to health and wellness when making food and beverage purchases has impacted specific areas of the grocery store, specifically the rise in sales of no sugar added products and items that contain stevia or monk fruit, Nielsen data found.

Where next for natural sweeteners? In conversation with Layn USA

By Elaine Watson

Monk fruit is still more expensive than stevia, but significant progress is being made on tackling the pricing and regulatory issues that have historically held the market back, says Layn Corp, a leading supplier of monk fruit and stevia based natural...

Imperial Sugar secures monk fruit supply deal for sweetener blends

Imperial Sugar secures monk fruit supply deal for sweetener blends

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Imperial Sugar Company has signed an agreement with Amax NutraSource for the supply of monk fruit extract, a fruit-derived zero-calorie sweetener that achieved FDA GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status in February last year.


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