Nestlé USA backs 'potassium salt' petition

Nestlé USA backs 'potassium salt' petition

By Elaine Watson

Nestlé USA has joined a growing number of food manufacturers backing a citizen’s petition from NuTek Food Science asking the FDA to allow ‘potassium salt’ as an alternate name for potassium chloride on food labels.

Musselman: 'The good thing about KCl compared with other approaches is that it is cheap and it works'

Dispatches from the 6th Annual Food Technology & Innovation Forum, 2012, Chicago

Nu-Tek Salt: 90% of our customers are reducing sodium by stealth

By Elaine Watson

Nine out of 10 customers using potassium-chloride-based salt replacers from Nu-Tek Salt are now reducing sodium by stealth to avoid antagonizing shoppers, says the Minnesota-based firm.

New strategies for salt reduction

New strategies for salt reduction

By Nathan Gray

Reducing salt in food products is a key challenge for the industry, but reducing salt can impact consumer perceptions of taste and preference. Is it possible to maintain, or boost salt intensity and flavours, whilst reducing actual salt levels?


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