Hormel Foods group vice president, corporate strategy, Jim Splinter, retires after 36 years with the company. Photo: Hormel Foods


Hormel Foods VP of corporate strategy retires

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Hormel Foods’ group vice president of corporate strategy, Jim Splinter - who led the acquisition of Justin’s nut butters in 2016 - has retired from the global food company.

Tyson Foods responds to US DOJ chicken price-fixing allegations

Tyson Foods responds to US DOJ chicken price-fixing allegations

By Jenny Eagle

Tyson Foods Inc. has issued a statement after an indictment by the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) on June 2, charging multiple executives of other companies in the broiler chicken industry with conspiring to restrain...

Avian influenza confirmed in the US

Avian influenza confirmed in the US

By Aidan Fortune

The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has confirmed a case of highly pathogenic H7N3 avian influenza.


Picture: via Kevin Kelly et al, v. Whole Foods Market Group, Inc., 1:21-cv-03124 Flavored water false ad lawsuit vs Whole Foods strains credulity, say attorneys: ‘We assumed it was a poorly executed April Fool’s prank’ Incredo cocoa hazelnut spread contains 8g added sugar (vs 19g for Nutella hazelnut spread). Picture credit: DouxMatok Same taste, half the sugar: DouxMatok launches choc spreads to showcase next gen Incredo ‘enhanced’ sugar Perfect Day founders Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi. Picture credit: Perfect Day Wow no cow! Leonardo DiCaprio hails Perfect Day’s ‘forward-looking vision’ as lifecycle assessment shows non-animal whey protein has far lower environmental impact Source: Getty/Funtap Coca-Cola Co. weighs price increases as part of ‘holistic’ inflation management to offset rising commodity costs Pictures courtesy of Meati Foods and Atlast Food Co Meat… from mycelium? Fungi fueled startups Meati Foods and Atlast Food Co raise cash to make Holy Grail of alt meat: whole cuts Source: Hungry Planet Hungry Planet raises $25m to meet ‘pent up demand’ for plant-based meat beyond burgers, sausage Register now: Free webinar next Wednesday exploring snack bar trends Register now: Free webinar exploring snack bar trends Wednesday April 21 Picture credit: Mission Barns A game-changer for the alternative meat sector…’ Mission Barns raises $24m to scale up cell-cultured fat tech, build pilot plant Main picture: Gettyimages-Goran13; bioengineered logo: USDA ‘The biggest challenge is communication through the supply chain…’ Many stakeholders not yet up to speed on National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard, say experts The FDA aims to push the levels of toxic elements in baby foods 'closer and closer to zero over time' (Picture: GettyImages-monkeybusinessimages) FDA unveils ‘Closer to Zero’ action plan on heavy metals in baby food, cautions that requiring levels that are 'not currently feasible' could be counterproductive Picture credit: Gettyimages/Stef-Bennett Got (first) milk? Bovine colostrum firm targets food & beverage as immunity trend gathers pace MeliBio co-founders Aaron Schaller, PhD (left) and Darko Mandich (right) holding prototypes of MeliBio honey made without bees (picture credit: MeliBio) ‘Real honey, without bees...’ Vegan honey startup MeliBio raises pre-seed round, gears up for soft launch Picture credits: GettyImages/Thinglass (left) and MicroSalt Inc (right) Sodium reduction: When it comes to salt perception, size matters, says MicroSalt

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