Price swings have caused headaches for the US beef industry

Extreme volatility hurts US beef industry

By Oscar Rousseau

Week-to-week volatility in the US beef sector has caused more difficulty for the industry than sharp price declines, Rabobank has claimed. 

USP: Food fraud should get its own class

USP: Food fraud should get its own class

By Maggie Hennessy

The US Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) submitted a public comment letter to the FDA urging it to revisit its strategy for addressing economically motivated adulteration (EMA) of food ingredients, noting that the current framework doesn’t sufficiently address...

Want to go green?  Here's a way to figure out what it's worth

Want to go green? Here's a way to figure out what it's worth

By Hank Schultz

Going green and taking on sustainability initiatives sometimes can be a hard sell to tight fisted financial executives. Cargill marketing manager Jennifer McLenighan tells how the company's new assessment tool can make the pitch easier.

Attention food scientists! Get your positions out there and onto the web, provide credible, reasonable, sober information

Is the food industry under attack from an ‘NGO/media complex’?

By Elaine Watson

With NGOs increasingly turning their attention to food production - and often doing a better job than the food industry of engaging with the media - the debate about issues from biotechnology to BPA will only become more polarized, one author has predicted.

New Zealand opens doors to US pork

New Zealand opens doors to US pork

By Melodie Michel

The US National Pork Producers’ Council (NPPC) has welcomed a decision by the New Zealand High Court to allow imports of consumer-ready uncooked pork from countries affected by porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS).

Cargill owns the Truvia brand of stevia-based sweeteners

Cargill: We were a ‘port in a storm’ for customers

By Elaine Watson

Fourth quarter earnings dipped 7 percent to $404m, but full year earnings surged 35 percent to $2.69bn on revenues up 18 percent to $119.5bn on continuing operations* at Cargill – the world’s largest agricultural trader.

Bisphenol A on the brink?

Bisphenol A on the brink?

By Rory Harrington

To BPA or not to BPA? While the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) backed the continued use of bisphenol A last week, the real question is whether the verdict was a full-blown reprieve for the controversial chemical or merely a stay of execution.

Allergen-free: time for clarity

Weekly comment

Allergen-free: time for clarity

Claiming 'free from' is not a light statement to make. Lives depend
on it. As scientific progress questions the validity of such
claims, it is time to establish exact guidelines and communicate
these to people for whom ingredients...


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