Salt Intake

Eating salty snacks has been suggested to increase thirst, and therefore drive excess calorie intake.

Myth busting? High salt intake may not increase thirst

By Nathan Gray

It is commonly believed that consumption of salty foods increases thirst, and could be a reason for increased consumption of sugary soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. But just how true is this notion?

Salt reduction policies may also involve trade flow in the future

What’s next for salt reduction policy?


European salt reduction initiatives have come a long way over the past few years – but what’s working, and what are the next steps?

High dietary salt intake could be linked with up to a 68% increased risk of gastric cancer, say researchers.

Dietary salt intake linked to gastric cancer risk

By Nathan Gray

A new study investigating a link between high salt intake and risk of gastric cancers could add to increasing pressure for industry-wide sodium reduction, researchers have said.

Science: Salt reduction benefits beyond the heart

Special edition: Salt reduction

Science: Salt reduction benefits beyond the heart

By Stephen Daniells

In the first part of our series on salt reduction, FoodNavigator looks at the potential health benefits of salt reduction beyond heart health.


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