Trade Spending

Sean Connolly:

Ditching deep discounts on Banquet is a "recipe for disaster," warns CPG analytics expert

ConAgra Foods CEO: We can get a better bang for our trade spending bucks

By Elaine Watson

ConAgra is adopting a “zero loss mindset” when it comes to analyzing trade spending, CEO Sean Connolly told analysts on the firm’s Q3 earnings call on Thursday, much of which was devoted to ensuring that not a single dollar is wasted on promotions that...

Trade spending, the elephant in the boardroom?

Trade spending: The elephant in the boardroom?

By Elaine Watson

Tune into an earnings call from a big consumer packaged goods (CPG) company, and you’ll likely hear a lot of frustration over the ineffectiveness of trade spending. But is weary resignation (‘it’s just a cost of doing business') a constructive response?

Promotions are not delivering for many CPG companies, says Nielsen

Three-quarters of CPG promotions don’t break even, says Nielsen

By Elaine Watson

It’s well-known that many CPG firms feel that they are not getting enough bang for their trade spending bucks. But a recent analysis by Nielsen reveals that most of them are not getting any bang for these bucks, with almost three quarters of promotions...

Pinnacle Foods addresses trade spending dilemma

Analyst: Top CPG firms not delivering on innovation, falling back into promotional trap

Pinnacle Foods boss: ‘We’re looking at this industry right now as very much a zero sum game. We're not seeing growth in total’

By Elaine Watson

As several CEOs have recently observed, big brands are not getting so much bang for their promotional buck these days. But in the current climate, targeted trade spending is a must to retain market share, although other strategies must be pursued in the...


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