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Digital trends: Women's health tops the charts

By Nikki Hancocks

A 2024 food trends report from Tastewise informs that women’s health concerns have topped the online conversation charts in the last 12 months, with hormone health top of consumer health agendas.

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Holland and Barrett predicts health trends for 2024

By Olivia Brown

Following strong trends in protein and immunity throughout 2023, Holland and Barrett predicts new consumer demands for natural energy alternatives, cognitive care, personalised hormonal support, and optimised hydration in 2024.

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Qina reveals top 10 trends in personalised nutrition

By Nikki Hancocks

Personalised nutrition experts at the Qina consultancy have revealed a top tends report, unveiling a ChatGPT take-over, a merging of food and pharma, an entrance of big tech firms, and new abilities created by at-home blood draws.

Functional foods for the mind: what are consumers looking for?

Insights from Positive Nutrition Summit

Functional foods for the mind: what are consumers looking for?

By Olivia Brown

A cognitive health innovation panel hosted at the Positive Nutrition summit last week (March 30th), discussed key consumer demands in a crowded market, legislation challenges, and the future potential for the space.

Protein trends for 2020

Cargill identifies protein trends for 2020

By Aidan Fortune

US processor Cargill has outlined some of the key trends in the protein sector for 2020, focusing on how consumer habits are shifting as well as perception of the meat industry has changed.

Refreshment beverages have outperformed both traditional beverages and alcohol in recent years. Pic: ©GettyImages/diego_cervo

Bottled water dominates 2018: Sparkling and value-added options surge

By Beth Newhart

Bottled water has quickly become the most successful mass market beverage category in the US, approaching 14 billion gallons sold in 2018. It’s widening the gap between it and other refreshment beverages that have struggled with innovating healthy, low-calorie...

Where next in snacking? Food industry experts weigh in


Where next in snacking? Food industry experts weigh in

By Mary Ellen Shoup

What’s the motivation behind consumers’ snacking habits? According to Mintel research, 50% of US consumers said the top reason they snack is to treat themselves, and 28% agree that taste is more important than health when choosing a snack.


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