United States Environmental Protection Agency

RFS mandate has impacted on corn supplies

US meat industry welcomes lower biofuels mandate

By Carina Perkins

US meat and livestock groups have welcomed the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) decision to lower the biofuels mandate for the first time since it was introduced under the Bush administration.

Meat processors targeted in food waste campaign

US tackles food waste head-on

By Carina Perkins

The US government has launched a new campaign to encourage food producers, processors, retailers and consumers to take action to “reduce, recover, and recycle” food waste.

NPPC expresses anger at EPA leak of farmer data

US outrage over farmer data leak

By Nicholas Robinson

Worry has been struck up amongst US pig, cattle and poultry farmers as a result of the actions carried out by an environment protection agency, the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) has said.

US governors join corn ethanol debate

US governors join corn ethanol debate

By Carina Perkins

Two US governors have waded into the debate over corn ethanol production, calling on the goverment to waive the quotas mandated by the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS).

US EPA invites comments on environmental BPA testing

US EPA invites comments on environmental BPA testing

By Michelle Knott

The US Environmental Protection Agency has issued a request for public comment on possible toxicity testing and environmental sampling to study the potential environmental impacts of bisphenol-A (BPA).


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