Plant-Based Meat

Beyond Sausage as well as the rest of Beyond Meats products can be found in the meat case next to its meat counterparts. Photo: Beyond Meat


Beyond Meat revs up distribution of Beyond Sausage to over 4,000 stores

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Since launching exclusively at the Whole Foods Market Pearl Street store in Boulder, Colorado, in late 2017, Beyond Meat's Beyond Sausage has expanded its distribution to over 4,000 grocery stores, restaurants, and sports stadiums across the US....

Zak Weston: 'All the research suggests it’s best to integrate plant-based items on the main menu, and promote them as enticing and delicious, not something that represents a sacrifice..' (Picture: White Castle)

'People will start to see plants as filling and delicious, providing protein and satiety...'

Is the plant-based trend gaining traction in restaurants? The GFI unveils its annual scorecard

By Elaine Watson

High-profile launches notwithstanding (the Impossible Slider is now at White Castle and the Beyond Burger is at TGI Fridays) 45 out of the top 100 restaurant chains in the US still don’t offer a plant-based entrée, according to the Good Food Institute’s...

The Better Meat Co is launching plant-based proteins that ‘blend seamlessly into ground meat products’

Better Meat Co to debut plant-based proteins that ‘blend seamlessly into ground meat products’

How do you make meat better? Add plants, says The Better Meat Co...

By Elaine Watson

Sacramento-based start-up The Better Meat Co is targeting institutional food sellers with plant-based proteins that “blend seamlessly into ground meat products” at inclusion rates of up to 30%, to deliver healthier, tastier, and more sustainable sausages,...

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