Mr Krispers rice chips get a facelift

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Mr Krispers rice chips are having a makeover to try and give the
packets a more modern up-market feel, writes Philippa

TH Foods, who manufacture Mr Krispers chose Integrated Marketing Group (IMG) to develop new packaging for the company's line of baked rice chips.

The chip sector is obviously a very crowded market and therefore IMG had to put on its thinking cap to find ways of making its client's product stand out from the crowd.

Jeff Hilton, president and co-founder of IMG​ told that his company had carried out three main alterations to the original packaging.

"We have done some unique things with the logo,"​ said Hilton, though he wouldn't reveal exactly what had happened to Mr Krisper and his bow-tie and bowler hat.

"We have also done some fun things with the chips on the front of the packet and put more personality into the packaging."

A more upmarket look will now distinguish Mr Krispers from its competitors.

"Chips packets are crowded with information, we have left more white space, giving a more open, relaxed and newer feel,"​ said Hilton.

He acknowledged that most customers buy Mr Krispers because they are perceived as being healthier than standard chips, making this an upscale purchase. The consumers they had in mind when designing the packaging were women between 25 and 49 - the people most likely to bring food into the home.

Hilton was unable to say how much his client had paid for the packaging redisgn, but he said that generally such a makeover would cost between $25 000 and $30 000 and take eight to 12 weeks, depending on the amount of research that needed to be carries out.

Founded in 1984, TH Foods is a leading manufacturer of sesame, corn and rice snack products in the US and Canada. In 2002, the company launched its Mr. Krispers line of baked rice chips for the natural snack market.

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