What was the biggest surprise of 2017 in food, asks Rabobank

What was the biggest surprise of 2017 for the food industry?

By Elaine Watson

With hindsight, we can all pretend we saw it coming, but in reality, Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market – announced on June 16 – caught most of the industry by surprise, says Rabobank, which polled 200+ food execs from entrepreneurs to CEOs of...

FOOD VISION USA 2017: ‘You can’t create authenticity from a focus group’

Can big food still innovate?

FOOD VISION USA 2017: ‘You can’t create authenticity in a focus group’

By Elaine Watson

Will big food companies increasingly buy in innovation and serve as scale up platforms for more 'authentic' small brands they didn’t create, or can they make their legacy brands resonate with new generations of consumers? Here’s what we learned...

Goodbye NuVal… and good riddance?

Goodbye NuVal… and good riddance?

By Elaine Watson

The NuVal shelf tag program – which assigned products a score of 1-100 based on their nutritional value – has been phased out. Good riddance, or do we need a system that attempts to provides consumers with at-a-glance information that helps them rapidly...

Picture: istockphoto/cmcderm1

Dr Richardson: 'Strategic plans empower entrepreneurs to say ‘no’ to the wrong opportunities'

GUEST ARTICLE: Why entrepreneurs need a strategic plan

By Dr James Richardson, founder, Premium Growth Solutions

With retailers increasingly open to stocking premium products from emerging brands, and Amazon offering a great platform to help entrepreneurs reach a nationwide audience, it might seem like there's never been a better time to start a food &...

Picture: istockphoto-BsWei

The Amazon effect: How will we shop for food in 2030?

By Elaine WATSON

“Future generations may wonder why we took an iron trolley through cold aisles, dropped heavy boxes of soap powder into them, lifted them on conveyor belts, and then lifted them into the trunk of our car, every week!” says a new Bernstein report. But...

Sandy Douglas: 'We believe commonsense will prevail'

Coca Cola EVP: Soda taxes ‘a complete disaster’

By Elaine WATSON

Soda taxes in Philadelphia and other cities have “materially reduced our business,” Coca Cola EVP and president, North America Sandy Douglas, told delegates at the Barclays Global Consumer Staples Conference in Boston this week: “It’s a complete disaster.”

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Five myths about natural food colors

By Elaine WATSON

Natural food colors: expensive, unstable, muted, and weird-tasting, right? Wrong, says Sensient Food Colors, which caught up with FoodNavigator-USA to address some common concerns about natural colors and highlight growth opportunities, from caramel color...

GMA: GMO labels should apply to highly refined oils, sweeteners

GMA: GMO labeling should apply to highly refined oils, sweeteners

By Elaine WATSON

If consumers are to believe that the food industry is serious about transparency, highly refined oils and sweeteners derived from GM crops must be included in the new bioengineered food standard (the federal GMO labeling law), even if they are indistinguishable...

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