Vitaminwater Facebook flavor campaign enters stage three

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Vitaminwater, a Coca-Cola owned company, has been running a three-step Facebook campaign designed to determine consumers’ tastes in order to launch a new flavor of its low-calorie, nutrient enhanced drink next spring.

Increasingly, marketers are experimenting with social networks such as Facebook, as the popularity of such sites allows brands to better understand what their consumers are looking for.

The campaign, which required users to download an application on Vitaminwater’s Facebook page, began with users being asked to pick their favorite flavors, with Black-Cherry Lime voted the winner. A series of quizzes and games determined which vitamins users needed most, and which of these would be included in the new flavor.

In the current, final stage, Facebook users are being asked to design a label for the new vitamin water using the flavorcreator application.

The application has just over 150,000 active users, showing that a significantly lesser number of the 1,000,000 fans of the Vitaminwater page were converted into market research subjects.

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