All news articles for May 2011

Producing DHA from canola oil would be cheap and sustainable, says Dow

Dow: DHA from canola oil still ‘some years away’

By Elaine Watson

Dow Agrosciences and Martek Biosciences (now part of DSM) are progressing well with plans to develop canola oil containing the coveted long-chain omega-3 fatty acid DHA, but are still “a number of years” away from bringing something to market.

Bakers: FSMA compliance costs ‘simply not justified’

Bakers: FSMA compliance costs ‘simply not justified’

By Elaine Watson

The American Bakers Association (ABA) is preparing to file a petition with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asking it to exempt storage facilities for packaged foods from stringent hazard analysis and preventive control requirements in new food...

DSM: Acrylamide prevention failing to catch fire in US (yet)

DSM: Acrylamide prevention failing to catch fire in US (yet)

By Elaine Watson

DSM has had a “lot of interest” from US food manufacturers in its PreventASe acrylamide-reduction enzyme, but admitted many firms are still waiting to see if regulators will take action on the suspected carcinogen before parting with hard cash.

Italian company in cured meats Listeria alert

Italian company in cured meats Listeria alert

By Rory Harrington

An Italian cured meat company is at the centre of a health scare in Canada after authorities warned that two of its products could be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Densia: Did not impress the French ...

Bone health food launches double, but market value remains flat

By Elaine Watson

There has been a sharp rise in the number of functional foods and drinks launched on a bone health platform over the last five years, but the retail value of the global market has nevertheless remained stubbornly flat at around $2.1bn over the same period.

‘No artificial’ claims are undermining confidence: ISA chair

Dispatches from the ISA conference

‘No artificial’ claims are undermining confidence: ISA chair

By Nathan Gray

Food and drink manufacturers are ‘shooting themselves in the foot’ by continually advertising products with ‘no artificial’ labels, says Hans Heezen, chairman of the International Sweetener Association.

David West: The new man at Del Monte

David West leaves Hershey to lead Del Monte

David J. West has resigned from the top job at Hershey’s to take on the role of CEO at Del Monte – and John P. Bilbrey has been appointed as interim president and CEO at The Hershey Company.

GMA's Pamela Bailey at the APEC meeting

APEC and World Bank sign food safety agreement

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

APEC’s Food Safety Cooperation Forum and the World Bank have signed a memorandum of understanding in Big Sky, Montana this week intended to strengthen food safety collaboration in the Asia-Pacific region.

Jeff Leach: Archaeologist turned entrepreneur

Special edition: Prebiotics

Prebiotic evolution: From earth oven to pizza oven

By Stephen Daniells

A clever combination of gut friendly food, consumer education and social media has made Naked Pizza a runaway success. Prebiotic-containing pizza bases will soon be hitting grocery stores, too, says the archaeologist who co-founded the company.

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