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Flowers Foods CEO: 'Lepage will bring efficient bakeries with available production capacity, access to markets in the Northeast, new products and brands, and more than 550 staff... '

Flowers Foods to buy Lepage Bakeries in $370m deal

By Elaine Watson

Just days after its CEO told analysts his firm was in “great shape” to do more deals, Flowers Foods has announced plans to expand its bakery empire in the Northeast with the acquisition of Maine-based Lepage Bakeries for $370m.

New research could help to 'fix' the flavour of commercial tomatoes - so they are more similar in taste to more traditional and home grown varieties, suggest the researchers.

Scientists take first step to ‘fix’ tomato flavour

By Nathan GRAY

Researchers may have taken the first step in ‘fixing’ the flavour of commercially grown tomatoes after they uncovered how variability in chemical make-up holds the secret to the ‘real’ flavour of tomatoes.

While many people think about HPP in terms of killing pathogens and extending shelf-life, it can also help formulators reduce fat and sodium, improve texture and 'clean up' product labels

Could HPP be the secret weapon in the battle to reduce sodium?

By Elaine Watson

High pressure processing (HPP) is emerging as a powerful weapon in the fight to reduce sodium, enabling formulators to eliminate or cut sodium-containing preservatives in prepared foods and clean up product labels, claims one expert.

Brand loyalty stronger among social media users

Brand loyalty stronger among social media users

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Social media use is increasing, and that could be good news for manufacturers of branded products, as frequent social media users tend to be more loyal to name brands, according to new research from the NPD Group.

Diamond is looking to rekindle relationships with walnut growers

Diamond Foods secures $225m investment

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Diamond Foods has secured $225m of funding as it looks to reestablish itself in the walnut industry and grow its business, in a deal that could see investment firm Oaktree Capital Management take a 16.4% share of the company.

Mexico's GDP will grow 3.5% in 2012, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Analyst lauds chocolate market potential in Mexico

By Oliver Nieburg

Confectioners face big rewards by tapping into market potential in Mexico, but will face “oblivion” if they fail to address growing health concerns, according to an analyst.

Frito Lay will use its own gluten-free 'GF' icon as seen in the bottom right of this bag of chips

Frito-Lay plans its own gluten-free symbol

By Oliver Nieburg

The world’s largest snack firm Frito-Lay has announced plans to use its own gluten-free symbol on labels in North America after validating products as gluten-free through two celiac organisations.

FSIS and beef industry praised for pre-emptive E.coli action

FSIS and beef industry praised for pre-emptive E.coli action

By Mark Astley

The US beef industry and the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) have been showered with praise after showing “strong initiative” in their efforts to prevent E.coli contamination during processing.

Sugar reform advocates ‘disappointed’ with lack of policy debate

Sugar reform advocates ‘disappointed’ with lack of policy debate

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Sugar users have said they are disappointed that both the Senate and House Agriculture Committees have voted to advance the 2012 Farm Bill without amending current sugar policy, which they claim costs the US food industry by inflating domestic sugar prices.

The type of fat we consume could play an important role in how well our brains function as we age, say the researchers.

Sat fats hamper brain function and memory: study

By Nathan Gray

Consumption of saturated fats may be associated with decreases in memory and reductions in brain functioning, and could lead to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, according to new research in women.

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