Hain Celestial calls for EU-style GMO labeling

By Elaine WATSON

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Hain Celestial calls for EU-style GMO labeling
Hain Celestial has issued a statement calling for EU-style labeling of food products containing genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in the US.

In the EU (where Hain has a strong presence) any intentional use of GM ingredients at any level must be labeled although GM processing aids (enzymes etc) and meat, milk or eggs from animals fed on GM feed are excluded.

However, there is a 0.9% threshold for the adventitious (accidental), presence of GM material in non-GM foods.

Adopting the same system in the US would give consumers the opportunity to make more informed choices, claimed Hain, which has a leading position in the natural and organic products market with brands such as Celestial Seasonings, Garden of Eatin, Rice Dream and Linda McCartney.

The Company supports consumers' right to choose

It added: “Hain Celestial…  today publicly announced its endorsement of the mandatory labeling of food products containing genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in accordance with international standards, citing its long compliance with those requirements adopted in Europe and other international markets.

“The Company supports consumers' right to choose and make informed purchase decisions. Accordingly, Hain Celestial endorses ballot and petition measures that establish clear and appropriate parameters for compliance, communication and enforcement.”

Asked whether it was in favor of controversial Californian GMO labeling proposal Proposition 37, a spokeswoman said: “We favor the system adopted in Europe.”

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Posted by Jennifer Christiano,

Thank you, DJ. Yes, we ARE paying attention, and we do favor companies that respect our environment and our rights of choice.

Isn't it strange that giant multinationals can add package lables when selling to the EU, but claim that the cost, hassle and "confusion to consumers" will be too great if they labelled in the USA? Apparently those Europeans are one heckuva lot more intelligent than we Americans are, and their packaging must be significantly larger to accommodate the little "non-GMO" symbol. Strange.

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We are paying attention

Posted by DJ,

Those of us with allergies and other health concerns, or who want to avoid eating adulterated GMOs, are interested in the companies who support labeling of GMO foods/products. We have respect for them, and will tend to favor their products, no matter which way the vote goes. We do have a right to know what we are eating, and need to insist on our choice. Many of us call or e-mail companies and ask if their products contain any GMO ingredients. Sometimes, they will be honest about it, sometimes not. But, we do need to keep letting them know, that we want a choice! Hopefully, more comanies will start to care about their customers, and support our right to a choice.

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