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Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick: If research & promo boards don't want to be subject to FOIA-style scrutiny, they should split from USDA entirely

Hampton Creek smells a rat in ag appropriations bill over FOIA requests

By Elaine Watson

A paragraph on page 34 of the 206-page 2017 House Agricultural Appropriations Bill - spotted by Hampton Creek’s eagle-eyed new VP of policy Tiny May yesterday - proposes to exempt industry-funded commodity research and promotion programs such as the American...

Friday taste test: Ripple plant-based ‘milk’

Friday taste test: Ripple plant-based ‘milk’

By Elaine Watson

Ripple is a new plant-based ‘milk’ made with yellow pea protein that promises to blow dairy milk and current milk alternatives out of the water in the taste, nutrition and sustainability stakes. But did it impress members of Carpe Diem, a Santa Barbara-based...

Monsanto hits back at MEP vote: 'We believe that African nations are beginning to ignore this European NGO noise and neocolonialism and decide for themselves whether GM technology offers them any benefits.' © / Polhansen

Monsanto slams EU attempt to block GM crops in Africa as 'neo-colonialism'

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

The European Parliament’s Committee on Development has urged G8 member states “not to support GMO [genetically modified] crops in Africa” as part of its critical resolution on the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition - a decision agri giant Monsanto...

Weber Packaging Solutions print labels for companies like Epsom

Weber on Weber: CEO ‘honoured’ by new role

By Oscar Rousseau

Doug Weber has been named president and CEO of the eponymously-named Weber Packaging Solutions, a global designer and manufacturer of product labelling used by the meat industry. 

CEO Bill Lovette: Pilgrim's Pride will be a

Pilgrim’s Pride reports pre-tax profit drop

By Oscar Rousseau

Mexico’s second-largest poultry producer – US-owned Pilgrim’s Pride – has reported a fall in pre-tax profits for the first quarter of 2016 after a “challenging” winter.

Jenny Rhodes: poultry contract structure helps producers

US chicken producers richest in farming

By Oscar Rousseau

Poultry farmers are, on average, richer than most farmers in America, according to a study on the US broiler industry by the National Chicken Council (NCC).

Picture: istockphoto

What Millennials want: From customization to continuous snacking

By Elaine Watson

Whether it’s choosing a car, or deciding what to wear, Millennials display a “pronounced proclivity for bold and confident individualism,” according to Packaged Facts. But how does this impact their food choices, and how can manufacturers, retailers and...

Source: iStock

Earth-friendly strategies help capture consumers’ attention

By Elizabeth Crawford

Environmentally friendly practices can do more than help the Earth – they can also help product sales and increase brand value as more consumers care about sustainable practices and how their food is made and transported.

Picture: istockphoto,anyaberkut

GUEST ARTICLE: 10 ways big CPG companies are shooting themselves in the foot

By Dr Kurt Jetta, founder & CEO, TABS Analytics

Why are the top 100 CPG brands underperforming in most of the categories in which they operate? Lots of reasons, many beyond their control, says Dr Kurt Jetta, founder of TABS Analytics. But some the wounds are self-inflicted, he argues: “We are holding...

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Smaller packs make trying new flavor trends for the grill easier

By Elizabeth Crawford

The unofficial start of summer may still be more than a month away, but grilling season is already here for most Americans and several companies are making it easier for consumers to try unfamiliar flavors with new products that reduce risk and build...

Vilsack will arrive at Niigata, Japan on Thursday 21 April for the G7 summit on food security

USDA secretary on diplomatic mission to Japan and Vietnam

By Oscar Rousseau

Tom Vilsack, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) secretary, has led a diplomatic mission to Japan and Vietnam to underscore the significance of bilateral trade, which includes reducing tariffs on meat.

The deal comes as part of Holland & Barrett’s plans for major international expansion to make its global franchises bigger than its UK and Ireland core.

1000 Holland & Barrett franchise stores to open in India

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Health and nutrition retailer Holland & Barrett has secured a £20m (€25.44m) deal with Indian hospital chain Apollo Hospitals, an agreement which will see 1000 franchise stores open across India over the next five years.

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