FOOD VISION USA 2017: Where is the plant-based movement heading (and will ‘clean’ meat give it a run for its money)?

By Elaine Watson

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FOOD VISION USA: Where is the plant-based movement heading?

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Growing interest in plant-based foods, ‘clean’ (aka cultured) meat, and grass-fed, humanely-raised meat and regenerative agriculture, stems from a desire to seek alternatives to industrialized animal production. But where will these emerging segments fit into the market, and are they a threat or an opportunity for traditional meat, egg and dairy companies?

We’ve already seen dairy and meat companies invest in plant-based brands (Danone/Whitewave​, Tyson Foods/Beyond Meat​), and while it’s early days for cultured or ‘clean’ meat, leading meat brands are rumored to be monitoring developments in this area with a view to buying or investing at some stage, while start-ups specializing in producing dairy proteins via microbial fermentation say they’ve had productive conversations​ with dairy companies.

Whatever happens, one thing is for sure, meat, dairy and eggs – as we know them – won’t be quite the same in 2020, which is why we’ve chosen to home in on this topic at FOOD VISION USA​ in Chicago in November 13-15.

As part of our three-day event, we’ll explore the future of food and farming with Maple Hill Creamery​ and SunCrest USA​, ask where next for cultured meat and animal proteins produced via microbial fermentation with Alex Lorestani from Geltor​ and Dr Liz Specht from the Good Food Institute​, and delve into the changing dynamics of the plant-based food landscape with Miyoko’s Kitchen,Good Karma Foods ​and Circle Up​.

Where is the plant-based movement heading?

Plant-based protein providers like to wax lyrical about how their products are critical to (sustainably) feeding the world’s growing population. But is providing Americans – most of whom are not short of protein – with more protein-packed bars, functional waters and snacks really the answer, or should product development focus instead on applications (meat/milk/cheese/yogurt alternatives) that can displace animal protein and help herald a fundamental shift in eating patterns? Find out at our panel debate on day two of FOOD VISION USA​.

From grass-fed to hydroponics, food & farming… where next?

Demand for organic significantly outstrips supply, but is a significant shift towards organic farming practical or desirable in the US? And where does grass-fed meat and dairy fit in? Is ‘regenerative’ farming a niche for foodies or a wider movement we’ll all be talking about in 20 years? And finally, where do hydroponics and other forms of agriculture fit into the bigger picture? Find out at our panel debate on day two of FOOD VISION USA​.

Check out the full list of speakers​ and Register HERE.

Food Vision USA signature strip

FOOD VISION USA: The food event of the year

Held at the W Hotel in Chicago on November 13-15, FOOD VISION USA 2017 ​will also bring together a clutch of industry luminaries from Chobani’s president and COO Tim Brown; to PeaPod CMO Carrie Bienkowski​Chef'd CEO Kyle Ransford; Campbell Soup VP, R&D, Americas, Jeff George; and PepsiCo president North America nutrition, Seth Kaufman.

On the opening night, VMG Partners md Wayne Wu and Sir Kensington’s​ co-founder Scott Norton will join Mattson president Barb Stuckey and Food Future Co CEO Gigi Lee Chang to address the question: What is innovation, and who is driving it?

They will also provide expert feedback on stage to our lucky industry trailblazers​ – three start-ups that are doing the most to drive innovation and champion change.

Other themes we'll address on the conference floor include:

  • Are meal kits here to stay?
  • What does the Amazon/Whole Foods deal mean for everyone else?
  • Can water give soil a run for its money? (the future of hydroponics)
  • Big food? Small food? Or smarter food?
  • Will healthy vending take off?
  • Who's really driving innovation in the food industry?
  • Can we make gelatin without animals?
  • How clean is your label?
  • Will consumers embrace 'clean' (a.k.a. cultured) meat?

Confirmed speakers at Food Vision USA 2017 - which is sponsored by PureCircle​ and Beneo​ - include:

  • Tim Brown, ​President and COO, Chobani 
  • Scott Norton, ​co-founder, Sir Kensington’s (Unilever)
  • Carrie Bienkowski​, chief marketing officer, PeaPod
  • Seth Kaufman, ​president North America nutrition, PepsiCo
  • Becca Kerr, ​Vice President and General Manager, Tropicana North America
  • Jeff Zachwieja, PhD, ​Senior Director Global R&D Nutrition Sciences, PepsiCo
  • Jeff George, ​VP, R&D, Americas, Campbell Soup Company 
  • Kyle Ransford,​ CEO, Chef'd
  • Mike McDeVitt​, CEO, Terra’s Kitchen
  • Dr Liz Specht, ​senior scientist, The Good Food Institute
  • Doug Radi, ​CEO, Good Karma Foods
  • Luke Saunders, ​CEO, Farmers Fridge
  • Alexander Lorestani​, CEO and co-founder, Geltor
  • Amy Endemann​, head of marketing, Sun Basket
  • Tim Joseph, ​founder, Maple Hill Creamery
  • James Day, ​CEO, Suncrest USA
  • Steven Vigilante, ​Business Development Associate, CircleUp
  • Wayne Wu​, managing director, VMG Partners
  • Miyoko Schinner​, founder and CEO, Miyoko’s Kitchen
  • Barb Stuckey​, president and chief innovation officer, Mattson
  • Gigi Lee Chang​, CEO, Food Future Co, ​co-founder Plum Organics
  • Dr Shelley Balanko​, SVP, business development, Hartman Group
  • Linda Eatherton,​ Managing Director and Partner, Ketchum Global Food & Beverage Practice

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