Dropnostix offers a one-stop, and one device, solution to tracking dairy cows’ health, productivity

By Elizabeth Crawford

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Dropnostix offers a one-stop, and one device, solution to tracking dairy cows’ health, productivity
Dairy farmers concerned about the health of their herds and the quality of their milk increasingly are turning to big data to identify problems earlier, but a major tradeoff for accessing this information has been the plethora of uncomfortable and cumbersome sensors attached to the cows, warned the founder of the startup Dropnostix.

But, Lars Abraham added, Dropnostix can change that.

He explained to FoodNavigator-USA that his company can provide farmers with all the data they need for “predictive maintenance of cows”​ based on a variety of measurements tracked with just one sensor that cows swallow at an early age and which resides in their rumen.

“We can replace all devices that currently are attached to cows to measure something and which make cows look a little bit funny – like a Christmas tree,”​ he said. “The big benefit is to get as much information as you can from one sensor and stop putting a lot of sensors on the cow.”

Among the data that Dropnostix tracks are health indicators such as bowel temperature and feeding response. As soon as deviations from the animals’ normal values occur, the system alerts farmers and veterinarians – increasing the chance that they can respond quickly and with targeted solutions that could save lives.

It also can track cows’ reproductive cycles and alert farmers when a cow goes into labor so that caretakers can be available to improve the chance of survival for the mother and calf, he said.

Ultimately, by keeping cows healthier, farmers can improve the length of their productive lives as well as the amount and quality of milk they produce, Abraham added.

Laying the foundation for growth

While Dropnostix’s technology is not yet available in the US, Abraham presented the technology at FoodBytes! pitch slam in New York City earlier this month in preparation for eventual expansion into North America in the next few years.

Abraham used the event as a way to meet industry influencers, such as leadership at Land O’ Lakes, and suss out the competition in the North American market.

“We wanted to learn how the North American market works because when you think of the major dairy regions in the world, you have Europe on one side and you have America and Australia on the other sides. So, for us, it is a major market,”​ he said.

He also used the event to lay the early groundwork with potential investors ahead of an international fundraise in late 2019 or early 2020, he said, noting that just ahead of FoodBytes! he closed his current investment round.

“FoodBytes! is a great networking opportunity. They do so much to connect the product and entrepreneurs with others in the area,”​ Abraham said.

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