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Paul Yoo: 'We have so much to talk about, that it’s tempting to try and say everything to everyone. But you need to crystalize your message as a brand.'

We’ve never thought of ourselves as a ‘bar company.’ We’re a social impact platform

This Bar Saves Lives unveils kids line: ‘We must be the best tasting product after you take the wrapper off and strip away the mission’

By Elaine Watson

Celebrity-backed brand This Bar Saves Lives – which is built around a social mission: You buy a bar, we’ll donate a live-saving pack of food to a child in need – has launched a new line of allergy-friendly oat bars aimed at children.

Soom Foods hopes consumers will use date syrup as a substitute for maple syrup, honey, and agave. Photo: Soom Foods

Soom Foods sees bright future for date syrup in the US market

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Soom Foods spent over five years educating American consumers on the versatility of tahini (sesame paste) that can be used in anything from milkshakes and smoothies to a popcorn topping and as a salad dressing. The company’s next conquest is silan, a...

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