All news articles for December 2021

Source: Wholly Veggie

Air fryers are fueling frozen snack sales, says Wholly Veggie

By Niamh Michail

After tracking evolving eating habits during the COVID-19 pandemic, plant-based brand Wholly Veggie has launched three new products that are air fryer-friendly and sustainable, thanks to the inclusion of upcycled ingredients.

Full Harvest closes $23m Series B financing round

Full Harvest closes $23m Series B financing round

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Full Harvest, a B2B marketplace for surplus and imperfect produce, has secured a $23m Series B round of financing to expand its online marketplace aimed at tackling the $2.6 trillion global food waste issue.

Parents want snacks that offer nutrition and satiety - along with the bonus of looking after the planet - for themselves and their kids. Pic: GettyImages/Sinenkiy

Plant-based eating is trending in snacks for kids

By Gill Hyslop

Human nutrition specialist ADM has unveiled the next big consumer trends for 2022, among them the dynamic growth of plant-based snacks that deliver nutrition and satiety for kids.

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