Gut Reaction: Digestive Health in Focus

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Gut Reaction: Digestive Health in Focus

Digestive health used to revolve around roughage, but as understanding of the relationship between our guts and our overall health has grown, consumers are now exploring everything from prebiotic fibers and probiotics to a new wave of fermented foods or simply avoiding foods that make them feel bloated or lethargic.

We explore how consumers are thinking about gut health and how manufacturers can tap into demand for foods that make our microbes happy.


Angela Grist Angela Grist Marketing director
Activia US (Danone North America)

Ben Goodwin Ben Goodwin Co-founder

Kara Landau Kara Landau, APD/AN Founder
Uplift Food

Mitchell Kruesi Mitchell Kruesi Senior Brand Manager

Elaine Watson Elaine Watson Editor