The move to simple: Standing out in a clean label world

The move to simple: Standing out in a clean label world

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As clean labels become the norm, it is ever more challenging to set your food and beverage products apart.

That’s where choosing the right ingredients comes in. Proprietary consumer research reveals what people in the United States want to see on the ingredient list of the products they buy. Hint: It’s what’s in their kitchen cupboards.

This webinar addresses the latest consumer insights and what product developers should consider as they reformulate for labels that prompt initial purchase and eating experiences that inspire product loyalty. We’ll include a deep dive into soups and frozen meals to show you what’s possible, answering the following questions along the way:

  • What front-of-pack claims stand out today?
  • What ingredients do consumers perceive to be “healthier”?
  • Where’s the real opportunity to innovate?
  • What do you need to consider to go from clean to simple labels?
  • How can you get the functionality and performance you need?

Join insight and technical experts from Ingredion, the pioneer in clean and simple for more than two decades and see how your products can win hearts and minds in a clean label world.


Jinat Mansuri Jinat Mansuri Project Leader, Technical Service, U.S./Canada Ingredient Solutions

Pat O’Brien Pat O’Brien Senior Marketing Manager, U.S./Canada Clean & Simple

Sharon Chittkusol Sharon Chittkusol Associate Marketing Manager, U.S./Canada Clean & Simple